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Stock Sheets

Products we stock in sheet form (usually available next day [lightweight] cut off time is 10 am)


We reserve the right to change stock sizes due to availability. 

Float (Clear / Tints)

2mm Diffused       

2mm Clear           

3mm Clear         

4mm Clear          

4mm Grey Tint     

5mm Clear              

5mm Grey

5mm Green

5mm Dark Grey

6mm Clear              

6mm Grey

8mm Clear

8mm Grey

10mm Clear

12mm Clear


(1) 2mm Clear & 2mm Diffused have a minimum order quantity of 5 sheets.

(2) Split sheets have a maximum of 2 cuts per sheet, otherwise POA.  Off cut must also be taken. 


Float (Low Iron)

6mm Starphiretarphire

10mm Starphire

6mm Ultra Clear (CTS Only)

10mm Ultra Clear (CTS Only)


3mm Silvered

4mm Silvered

6mm Silvered

4mm Silver Vinyl Backed

6mm Silver Vinyl Backed

4mm Tinted Silver

6mm Tinted Silver


Laminated Safety Glass

5.38mm Clear

5.38mm Grey

6.38mm Clear

6.38mm Grey

6.38mm SS08 One Way Mirror

6.38mm Translucent 

6.76mm Clear Acoustic 

6.76mm Showertex (Cathedral Laminate)

8.38mm Clear

10.38mm Clear


Obscure / Patterned

4mm Acid Etched

6mm Acid Etched

10mm Acid Etched

4mm White Satinlite

4mm White Spotswood

4mm White Cathedral

5mm White Satinlite

5mm White Spotswood

5mm White Cathedral

5mm Arctic

5mm Dark Grey Patterned

6mm White Satinlite



5mm Robax



Back Painted (Splashbacks)

Painted Ultra Clear

Painted Starphire

Painted Desert Sand

Painted Clear


Bronze Mirrorguard 2

Yellow Mirrorgaurd

Red Mirrorguard

Green Mirrorguard

Blue Mirrorguard

4mm Painted Vinyl Backed


Louvre Strips

102mm Clear

152mm Clear

102mm Grey

152mm Grey

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